Saturday, January 19, 2013

How much do you pay for the iPhone on Verizon?

Q. Im thinking about getting an Iphone for verizon. So how much would i be paying for the phone and how much would it be for the service every month?

A. That is an awesome phone, great decision to go and buy one! I just got one myself and I'm very happy with it.
It can cost a lot, I was lucky my parents helped me get the one I have. A 16 GB one is 200$ and a 32 GB is 300$. Add the costs each month and you get to a pretty large sum you have to spend.

Now I'm a little jealous because one of my classmates managed to get one for free. He did some research on the Internet and found a company that was looking for testers. He talked to them and in two weeks he received the phone. And I spent half of my economies on it.

I don't know where he found the company, I was so upset I didn't even asked (HA HA).

How much money is internet per month with an IPhone from Verizon?
Q. I want to buy an IPhone from Verizon but I was just wondering how much Internet will be? I have unlimited texting now but will I still have that if I switch to a smart phone?

A. It's $30 for 2gb that's cheapest package.

What do you think about the Nexus vs iPhone 4g?
Q. Which one is better, I so wanna get the both of them but what are the pros and the cons to having them. Also I hear that Verizon is supposed to get the iPhone 4g, how much do you think that it would cost being a new customer to Verizon and with little or no credit. Should I get the Nexus one or the iPhone Verizon?

A. The iPhione 4G would have to actually exist to compare it with something.

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