Sunday, April 7, 2013

How much will iPhone 4 cost and is it worth it?

Q. I bought an iPhone 3G in August of 2008, so will I be eligible for an upgrade in August of 2010? And how much will that cost?

A. it will start at $199 with 16g and $299 with 32g and it will be avalible on june 24 id say its worth it cuz its so awesome but its bound to have some bugs cuz of all the upgrades but by august they will have them all fixed and maybe it will lower by then too so ya id upgrade and also 3gs will be $99 with 8g

How do i get a iphone 4 on a cricket plan?
Q. If i buy an iphone4 from ebay that says it can be flashed to cricket, do i just take it to the cricket store and tell them i want to use the iphone for cricket?

A. Am selling a iphone 4 brand new 32g factory unlooked email me if u interest

What are the differences from a real iphone 4 32G and a knock-off or a fake 32GB iphone 4?
Q. Please, give a list of the differences. Thank you.

A. watch this video and have you will have your answer

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