Monday, April 8, 2013

if i buy a refurbished iphone 3gs will it come with the newest firmware?

Q. i was wondering bcuz i want to jailbreak it. and i know rite now 3.1.3 is not looking good on the iphone 3gs. yes there is snowbreeze but that only works with the older bootloader watever that means

A. It's likely that the firmware will have been upgraded. It appears that war has been declared on jailbreaking and unlocking.

How much would it cost to buy an iPhone without a plan upgrade?
Q. I need a new phone because mine is about to reach it's breaking point. And I need to figure out how much it would cost to buy an iPhone 3Gs even though my two-year plan isn't up so i don't think I qualify for an upgrade. I know that they are 99 cents with a new plan, but I already have a data plan and I just need the phone.

A. You can save on iPhone without a contract by buying refurbished phones and choosing older versions. for instance you can get:

refurbished iPhone 3G at $180
refurbished iPhone 3GS at $230

You can get any phone even cheaper if you buy used phone in mint or like new condition. Search, or and compare options and prices.

Where can I get iphones at whole sale prices?
Q. I'm an import/export agent trying to buy thousands of iphone 3Gs, refurbished or new, anyone know from where?
Comission will be given to you if you find me the source.

A. ebay!

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